Deep hood piercing diskrete sexkontakte

deep hood piercing diskrete sexkontakte

Christina Piercings A Christina piercing-also known as a Venus piercing-is a type of female genital piercing performed exclusively for its aesthetic value. Contents, pain, healing and aftercare edit, compared to other piercings, clitoral hood piercings tend to be rather uncomplicated with regard to the piercing process itself as well as the healing, which certainly contributes to the popularity of the piercing. I have some piercings and am planning some more! Genital piercings are the one area where piercing options for women deviate from men. If you have any questions or concerns during the healing process, contact your piercer or reach out to our knowledgeable forum moderators and members. There are two main types of hood piercing: the vertical clitoral hood piercing and the horizontal clitoral hood piercing. You'll find the following clitoral hood piercing photo sections there, where our community members have shared images of their piercings: VCH Piercing Pictures HCH Piercing Pictures Princess Diana Piercing Pictures Triangle Piercing Pictures Labia Piercings "Labium" is Latin for "lip. During the female genital healing process, you should not : have sexual intercourse or play with your piercing before it's fully healed; let anyone else's bodily fluids come in contact with your new piercing; change your body jewelry prematurely. A clitoral hood piercing is a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood surrounding the clitoris. I've already read the thread about the Triangle and I'm thinking it will be pretty similar. It's a primarily aesthetic piercing, rather than a sexually-stimulating one. Out if the two I think the Deep Hood will look better above my VCH but I don't know anyone who's had it done. If the infection spreads into the urinary system it can become cystitis, which is a bladder infection that causes the constant urge to urinate coupled with a burning sensation when doing. It passes underneath the clitoral shaft horizontally. She didn't want the woman to leave disappointed, so she came up with a new concept for her: the Princess Diana piercing. If you really want a Christina piercing, ask your piercer to use a traditional Christina piercing barbell, and to pierce you as deeply as is reasonably possible to give your Christina piercing the highest chance of success. If you'd like to see what fourchette piercings look like, visit the Fourchette Piercing Pictures section of our photo gallery. Female Genital Piercing Aftercare Healing Times Most female genital piercings heal relatively quickly-more quickly than most other body piercings, in fact. Most obviously, one is placed horizontally through the clitoral hood while the other is placed vertically through. Since the piercing passes through a thin layer of tissue, it is quick to pierce and reportedly hurt less than ear piercings. Once this piercing is done, the gem ball on a Christina barbell (shown to the left) will typically be positioned directly above the peak of the clitoral hood, and a flat disc appears anywhere from 7/16" to 7/8" directly. Avoid wearing underwear or any tight and restrictive garments that may aggravate the piercing by rubbing against. Not all women have strong enough inner labia tissue to have it pierced. Jewelry tends to be more stationary with an HCH piercing, giving you a consistent look when you're intimate with someone. The reason has a lot to do with how much friction and pressure underwear and pants in particular put on the part of the body where a Christina piercing is placed. VCH stands for "vertical clitoral hood" and HCH is an acronym for "horizontal clitoral hood".

Deep Hood: Deep hood piercing diskrete sexkontakte

Swingerclub zwiespalt gay sauna bremen The clitoris itself is just too sensitive and the delicate nerves clustered in it could be easily damaged if pierced incorrectly. Each Princess Diana piercing goes through one outer side of the upper clitoral hood and comes out through the clitoral hood on the same side, alongside the clitoris. Women have two sets of "lips" surrounding their vaginas: the inner labia and the outer labia.
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Tantra dresden beim ficken erwischt Proud owner of a lilac velvet corset with dark purple lace edging and black laces up the back, made by Pagan Debbie. Fourchette Piercings There's one other type of female genital piercing that doesn't really fall into any of the other categories above, called a fourchette piercing.


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Unfortunately, most women just are not good candidates for this piercing, because there isn't enough tissue in their clitoral hoods and clitorises to manipulate them and pierce beneath the clitoris without damaging. A genital piercing should be placed deep in its location, thereby minimising the chance of the jewellery being rejected by friction. Generally speaking, the most popular and commonly-performed female genital piercings are clitoral hood piercings, labia piercings, and Christina piercings. In contrast to common expectations, this piercing is no more painful to perform than other body piercings. Your piercer would have to be able to pinch behind your clitoral hood and lift up the clitoral shaft, away from your body, in order to be able to safely give you a triangle piercing. Barbells, J-bars and other bar-style jewelry are common in vertical hood piercings, and both captive bead rings and barbells are common in horizontal hood piercings. They can both choose from a variety of ear piercings, lip, eyebrow, nose and other facial piercings, tongue piercings and other oral piercings, surface piercings and dermal piercings, and even nipple piercings. Renowned piercing artist and author.

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